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Purchases & Refunds

It’s always better to ask about the results and performance of the student enrolled with the institute; it helps in providing an idea about the methodology, success percentage of the institute. Mindsetters is best Academy for IBDP/IGCSE/SAT/As and A- Level exam preparation in Singapore run by Master of science
Classes timings are an important criteria before finalizing a coaching class so Mindsetters providing students with flexibility to attend classes according to their school timings.
Before actually enrolling for the course, it’s often advisable to ask for demo classes from the institutes as it not only highlights the teaching methodology of the institute but also provides student with a chance to know an outline about what is in store for them, thus helps student in making a well informed decision. Mindsetters provides students with at least 2 demo classes before the final enrolment for a IBDP and SAT
Asking for the course duration helps a student in knowing the time frame of the course and also about the time gap between the finishing of course and final examination. Mindsetters offers students a well-designed streamlined module .
It’s an important question to ask asset helps in getting an idea about the content of the institute like solution books, mock tests series, practice papers, and also provides an idea about the diversification and relevance of the content of the institute. Mindsetters provides students with large series of mock tests to provide a streamlined preparation approach for various exam.

Making Courses

It’s quite obvious if the batch size of a class is optimum 2 to 4) it helps both the teacher as well as the student to interact and understand about the student requirements like strong and weak areas. Knowing about the experience of the faculty provides an idea about the approach of the faculty towards the exams. Mindsetters is run by Post graduate
location of centres as it provides flexibility to students to attend classes as per their convenient location.
An average batch size of 2 to 4 helps both the teacher and the student to develop a higher level of interaction and personalized attention to the student requirements and problems. Mindsetters maintains a batch size of 2 to 4 provide students with a personalized attention.
If an institute practices one-on-one feedback sessions for the student it helps student in knowing there strong and weak areas as it is said “It’s better to sweat in practice, then to bleed in battle” . mindsetters maintains a constant touch with parents about the performance of the students and conduct Parent-Faculty meetings at regular intervals. Mindsetters is best coaching centre for IBDP, IGCSE, SAT, A - Level aspirants in Singapore run by post graduates. For more information or counseling about these courses click on or contact us on +6590872097.....

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